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Different Strokes Swimming Club

At Different Strokes Swimming Club we aim to cater for all levels of swimmer, whether you want to swim widths, lengths or come for the social side with friends or to meet new ones.

Our instructors will be on hand to assist and help you, where needed, and to guide and improve your swimming.
We also welcome those wishing to learn to swim or those who have a fear of the water. Different strokes is here to help. Everyone is different and we cater for all ages and abilities.

The sessions run on Monday: 10:30am – 11:15am
Friday: 10:00am – 10:45am

Within a session at different strokes, we will aim to improve your swimming throughout each session.
We will be able to assist you within the following criteria below and this will help you improve your stroke meaning better technique distance and less effort.
Tea/Coffee will be provided afterwards giving you the opportunity to socialise with your new swimming buddies.

An example of a 45 minute session includes:

  • Warm up: this may be walking widths, aqua jogging or swimming widths / lengths at a slow / steady

    pace or simply blowing bubbles getting used to the water.

  • Help to improve your technique through the various strokes using floats, Swim forward 5 metres

    using basic front crawl or breaststroke type leg action, showing the ability to regain feet.

  • Push and glide on the front to the wall or push and glide on the back from the wall.

  • Teach you how to tread water / submerge under the water etc.

  • Once we have taught you the basics and progressed you throughout the weeks we can then set goals and aims for you to achieve.