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Valley Running Club – Small club with a big heart

‘Couch to 5k Programme’ & ‘Walk-run-walk’ sessions.

The Couch to 5k programme aim to target individuals with a low fitness ability, to get out and take part as a group to increase aerobic fitness, and run a 5k as the challenge. The couch to 5k is usually a 10 week programme packed with walk-run-walk sessions and light paced jogging sessions. Participants usually join to kick start their fitness journey and weight loss. The groups always encourage and support one another on this tough but enjoyable journey together. At week 10 a 5k event is planned for the group to complete together.

‘Walk-run-Walk’ sessions aim to get the couch to 5k participants out enjoying exercise as a group to maintain their acquired fitness from the 5k programme, as well as enjoy the social aspect and have the opportunity to chat to one another while exercising. Park run is available to run every Saturday for all participants, this is encouraged.