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Bike Fit

Bike Fit Dungiven Information

Bike Fit Limavady Information

Bike Fit Meet at Roe Valley Leisure Centre Saturdays 9.00am £1 per session

Bike Fit Health for life Limavady’s newest club. Join our fully qualified & insured cycle instructors, Kieran, Eamon, John, Robert & Ronan on a light cycle around the town followed by tea/coffee in the Leisure Centre. All ages & abilities welcome. Al you need is a raod worthy bike and a cycle helmet.

Health for Life’s New Club ‘ H4L Bike Fit’ started up on the 27th September 2014 at Roe Valley Leisure Centre at 10am costing £1 per session. Following the success of Health For Life’s ‘Choose to live better’ clubs (which are Valley Running Club, Best Foot Forward Walking Club and Different Strokes Swimming club).

The overwhelming successes of these clubs are that they are social based activities. There is a coach and instructors on hand to deal with all level of ability. It is simple, you come to the clubs and you do what you can do at the start and Health for Life instructors build from there. All these activities are only £1 per session .So you can’t say cost is a barrier now to getting fit.

H4L Bike fit club will be working from the same concept, turn up with a bike on every Saturday at 9am RVLC  and join the  cycling instructors Kieran  and Robert who are all fully qualified and insured to take you on a light cycle around the town to start off with. All we ask is that you have a road worthy bike and a cycle helmet to take part in this social cycle activity.

The cycle club welcomes all abilities whether it’s a case of you having not been on a bike in years or is a regular cyclist around the town but would love to cycle in a group setting. Everyone is welcome and Health for life clubs are all inclusive of all disability and abilities.

Your  first H4L Bike fit session will begin with 10 minutes of us getting to know each other and signing a health form and checking  your bike, then we will head out for a flat planned cycle route which should take 20 minutes to complete then back to Roe Valley Leisure Centre for complimentary tea/coffee.

Bike fit members have gone on to achieve some great achievements and one of the successes of their achievements is coming every Saturday at 10am.

Twice a year Bike fit runs two, 3 month cycles developing course ending with you completing a sportive. Everyone that completes the program loves cycling and taking part in local cycling sportive on a regular basis. They are shocked at their fitness levels and ability on their bikes. It is simple, you come register for the bike fit challenge on the ( To be Confirmed- TBC)   and train to complete a 35/50 mile Cycle Sportive at the end of program.

We encourage everyone to join another local club, Roe Valley Cycling Club when they feel they are ready to. We have great open working relationships with RVCC and Health for Life works in partnership with them in delivering ‘Rocket Sprocket’ and coaching development projects in the local area . We love cycling in Limavady and it is evident to see in our town.

Program outcomes below:

  • The program is designed for a total of 20+ complete beginners and people that want to cycle at a leisurely pace.

  • To attend 3 training session per week.

  • Monday Spin Class

  • Wednesday Group managed Cycle session.

  • Saturday Group managed Cycle session.

  • Provide 2 days of cycle maintenance course.

  • Provide Level 1, 2, 3 cycle safety standard .

  • Complete a 35+ mile Cycle Sportive at the end of 3 months.

  • To continue to cycle all year around with a club.

  • To keep attending Saturday morning cycles.

  • To continue to attract new members and grow the club locally

  • Provide cycling clothing for a client taking part in the program.

  • To provide a non – competitive environment

  • All inclusive & friendly environment.

  • To support Bike Fit key messages; cycling is for everyone.


Bike Fit Sign

“Look Kieran we love your sign”


All cyclists to complete health questionnaire and section Sc75 documents.